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9th Symposium of the Belgian Plant Biotech Association: "Future Crops: Which Traits, Which Technologies?"
13 november 2015 (The Royal Library, Keizerslaan 4, 1000 Brussels)
Future Crops: Which Traits, Which Technologies?
The toolbox to modulate traits in crops is expanding rapidly including non-GMO and GMO based technology. The question is whether these technologies are suitable to tackle all kinds of traits. Yield has been by far the most important trait for most crops, yet new insight in the molcular biology of plants and innovative technology may offer certain advantages to address new kinds of traits that were not possible before. Also, the public acceptance of new products comes more in to play. Should breeders focus on traits with benefits for the producers, the environment or the consumer? The topic of the 9th BPBA meeting is to bring case studies of rational decisions on trait selection and the implementation of new technological advancements to achieve the set goals.
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